The new generation of green technology

Autonomous indoor plant cultivation system

"Intelligent Aeroponic IoT Urban Garden"

exclusive beauty outside, green heart inside

Our mission is to bring a high-tech premium agricultural product with a personal touch and impact, for a noble cause of health, tranquility and green tech beauty.

Innovative way to grow

  • 2x faster
  • 90% less water
  • 6x less space
  • 350x richer vitamins
  • disease free
  • always fresh

How it works?

By combining vertical farming with cutting-edge technology, Urban Oasis is capable of offering several suitable microclimates for any plant type, from jungle flora to everyday agriculture.

Four steps to grow your favourite plants:

Step 1

Pick a seed

Step 2

Plant it in the device

Step 3

Optimize plant growth

Step 4

Pick your new plant

Get To Know Your Oasis

With its contemporary design, Urban Oasis enrichens your environment serving as a green source of healthy and vibrant plants.

Adapting to your needs its functionality can be devided into four roles.


Stylish surrounding with LED lighting of chosen spectrum, water mist and decorative leaves breeze-like motion, making the impression of a living decoration.


Nutritional and gastronomical, always providing fresh products with full flavor of the own cultivation, aimed for healthy lifestyle.


Medical herbs for antibacterial, antifungal and antidepressant horticultural therapy.


Remember the old Japanese pet toy "Tamagotchi"? Oasis embodies a very dear psychological and partner-like role of caring about a living being.

Environmental impact

Urban Oasis helps you make a positive impact on the environment. Fight problems caused by conventional agriculture such as: high pesticide use, high freshwater withdrawals, deforestation and CO2 emissions.


less water


less space


of pesticides


carbon footprint

Grow with Aeroponics

Utilize the most advanced cultivating technology

Urban Oasis is designed to adapt to any environment

Grow in

Your Home

Grow in

Your Kitchen

Grow in

Your Office

Grow in

Your Hotel

Grow in

Your Home

Grow in

Your Kitchen

Grow in

Your Office

Grow in

Your Hotel

Oasis Techology


By eliminating earth and exposing plants roots directly to aerosol droplets, composed of water and dissolved minerals, greatly increases the level of nutrient control, resulting in faster and healthier plant growth.

LED lighting

With light being one of the prerequisites for photosynthesis, LED lighting with precisely chosen spectrum and intensity control provides the means for optimal growth.

Microclimate control

Exclusive design upgraded with professional sensors and software support makes Urban Oasis capable of offering several suitable microclimates for numerous types of plants.

Encapsulated design

Creating an enclosed environment that provides the perfect growth conditions with immerse water and nutrient savings and eliminates the need for pesticide use.

O2 and CO2 regulation

A sufficient amount of CO2 is delivered from the outside of the device, emitting at the same time fresh air rich with oxygen while filtering and oxidizing air in an urban environment.

Self adaptation

The system is created to adapt to any environment to provide most optimal growing conditions.

Cloud computing

With continuous communication with online servers, advanced control and monitoring is always available.

Computer vision

By processing data from the high-quality cameras and sensors, even the slightest change in plant development is registered.

Artificial intelligence

Intelligent algorithms created to complement mathematical models of individual plant species.

Harvest estimation

By combining system’s real time data with precalculated plant models, Urban Oasis can provide accurate harvest time.

Water and energy estimation

With real time monitoring and resource control, Urban Oasis offers different work modes including: Comfort, Eco, Grow and Auto.

Our team

Marko Ratković


Lucija Jelavić


Mateo Cahun


Nikolina Martinec


Marko Ratković


A tech-savvy entrepreneur whose desire is to bring people closer to the idea of healthy living through initiatives in many European projects.

"High social standards necessarily express an interest in the preservation of everything primal and natural." - Marko

Contact Marko: mail linkedin

Lucija Jelavić


The choice of plant species is based on the conducted research, and with knowledge in the field of landscape architecture she combines plants and design of the device itself into a harmonious whole.

"Proper selection and careful monitoring applies to both people and places." - Lucija

Contact Lucija: mail linkedin

Mateo Cahun


Technical director and software developer without whom Urban Oasis would be like a primitive organism without the ability to think.

"Automating plant cultivation is the key for sustainable future." - Mateo

Contact Mateo: mail linkedin

Nikolina Martinec


Nikolina combines the selection and testing of plant species in tailored microclimate systems with knowledge of landscape architecture.

"The presence of plants enhances any space." - Nikolina

Contact Nikolina: mail linkedin

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