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exclusive beauty outside, green heart inside

Our dream is to bring a high-tech premium agricultural product with a personal touch and impact, for a noble cause of health, tranquility and green tech beauty.

"Intelligent Aeroponic IoT Urban Garden"

Get To Know Your Oasis

The Urban Oasis is your priceless family peace and comfort as a background-center of your home.

Four main roles:

  • Ambient

    LED lighting, water mist, leaves motion, "living decoration"

  • Dietary

    nutritional, fresh products of own cultivation, healthy lifestyle, fast and efficient cultivation

  • Therapeutic

    medical herbs for antibacterial, antifungal and antidepressant therapy

  • "Tamagotchi"

    revoking the old Japanese pet toy that embodies psychological and partner-like role of caring about a living being

Vertical Farming Techology

By combining vertical farming with cutting-edge technology, Urban Oasis is capable of offering several suitable microclimates for any type of large number of plants, from jungle flora to everyday agriculture. With immense savings of water and nutrients, the only pre-requisite is a source of electricity.

From tropical rainforest...

Intelligent aeroponic IoT garden

  • 50x less water
  • 6x less space
  • 2x faster growth
  • 350x richer vitamins
  • disease free, bio
  • always fresh

We offer

Regulated and optimized lighting spectrum, light intensity, nutrient concentration, temperature, watering and CO2 concentration


  • Time to harvest estimation
  • Camera detection
  • Self-adaptation
  • Water and energy consumption estimation

Cloud controlled optimal plant growth

  • IoT
  • Aeroponics
  • Neural Networks
  • Climate Control

...to family garden

Our team

Marko Ratković, BSc EE

CEO marko.ratkovic@icent.hr

Dorotea Brajković, MSc AE

Agronomist dorotea.brajkovic@icent.hr

Vinko Lešić, PhD EE

Coordinator vinko.lesic@icent.hr

Mateo Cahun, BSc IT

Programmer mateo.cahun@icent.hr

Contact Us

Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla Unska 3, 10000 Zagreb Croatia
Mobile: +385 98 1396 717